We are globally engaging the diaspora

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There is a global revolution which we are taking advantage of in building capacity within the diaspora.



Becoming a member of GD Engagement will bring you closer with diaspora and expatriate communities globally for sharing your work with others, but also finding inspiration and new opportunities.


From research to training materials, groups around the world are creating resources for transnational communities. GD Engagement aims to bring together resources from variety of partners in one place.


There are many ways to give back but its not always easy to find an outlet for our efforts. GD Engagement aims to link those that want to make a difference with concrete opportunities to forge a better future.

Great Idea

When we got started in Ireland, we had a lot of challenges that gave birth to the ideas that have made this movement as it is  today. We won't stop here and  we will get to the ends of the world with this initiative.

About Us

Why GD Engagement?

GD ENGAGEMENT provides a platform to voice your opinions and propose recommendations on how migration should be governed through the forthcoming Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration and beyond.

GD ENGAGEMENT serves as a resource hub that allows you to access diaspora success stories, best practices and relevant policies from around the globe.

GD ENGAGEMENT lets you engage with each other, organizations, experts and institutions and find opportunities to leverage your work.

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About Team

We Connect and Engage People

There is always the need to get in touch with people who have the heart to serve and give out the right vibes to the right people at every point in time.

As the saying goes, "anything worth doing, is worth doing well"


The Work We Are Proud of

Leading African diaspora think tank

Set Maker's of the Leading Diaspora

GD Engagement is a world-class digital knowledge and collaboration hub to empower and support both diaspora communities and those looking to engage with them.

Vire Komolafe

Co Founder
GD Engagement is a global platform allowing diasporas to connect with, learn from and collaborate with stakeholders from a variety of backgrounds all working to maximize the potential of transnational communities.

Oluyemi Ogundele

Co Founder
Core Values -We aim to provide an environment in which differences are valued for contributing to innovation, promoting creativity and maximizing individual potential.

Osaro Fajimiyo

Project Facilitator


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